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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Borders and brilliant

Since Waterstones MD decided to cancel the launch of darkness is where the stars are in the face of protests from the extremist group, Christian Voice, life at Cinnamon Press has been more than interesting. What has been heartening is the fantastic support from so many quarters – from liberal and sane people of faith to humanists to the literary community to politicians.

Today brought another encouraging step forward when the CEO of Borders stepped in to offer an alternative launch date to co-incide with patrick’s reading at the Welsh Assembly on December 11th. patrick will read in Committee Room 24 at the Assembly at noon and the book will be launched at Borders later that day (time to be announced).

It’s brilliant to see a high street chain that won’t bow to threats of harassment and that takes free speech seriously. We’re really grateful to Borders for the opportunity to give the book the start it deserves.

Don’t forget that patrick will be reading at Y Ddraig Goch Cafe, Eastgate Street, Caernarfon, LL55 1AG (opposite Weatherspoons pub) on November 21st 7.30 p.m. as well as in Cardiff on December 11th and we are also talking to Borders about other possible readings.


The Writer said...

Morning : 0 )

Just read the About me section and that Cinnamon Press publish NF too. A curiousity question - Do you publish travel? Not the travel guide type but comical first hand travel theme? Yep, I'm a newbie writer ...


Michelle said...

How does the lunch gone then? Did you share it to the blog?

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