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Friday, 14 November 2008

picking over the bones - the launch that wasn't

Cinnamon Press feel that it is important to put on record that the only people we hold responsible for the cancellation of Patrick jones’ launch of darkness is where the stars are are those members of Christian Voice who exerted threats on Waterstones.

We have had some enquiries as to whether patrick jones was responsible for the events that led to the cancellation of his launch. patrick’s work is politically engaged and he works tirelessly on many issues concerned with human rights and civil liberties. He has engaged with Christian Voice on previous occasions on a variety of issues and had sent an extract of his poetry in the spirit of ongoing debate to the leaders of Christian Voice. This was part of discussion dating back to March this year, there was no ‘gloating’ and no mention of the launch at Waterstones in this correspondence with Christian Voice.

It would be invidious to suggest that the person targeted by an extremist group should be in any way held responsible for being targeted. In the perspective of Christian Voice the mere existence of any alternative opinion to their own is ‘provocation’ and they want nothing short of the monolithic acceptance of their views. Fortunately most people in this ‘debate’ are reasonable – Gerry Johnson and I have agreed to differ on some things, but happily Waterstones are not blaming patrick for events that didn’t take place. To repeat what is on the Cinnamon Press blog earlier - there is only one group to blame here: Christian Voice.

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